Magnos gear

Magnos Tancred

The New Nippon Heavy Industries Solidarity (NNHIS) Trident Land-Dreadnought is a robotic war machine intended to provide heavy support to Evangelions in defense of the city. It requires three crew, and its primary pilot/commander is JSSDF Comissar Mana Kirishima.

The failed test of the Jet Alone prototype should have finished off NNHIS as a competitor to the Evangelion project. However, certain events were set into motion that allowed the coalition of major corporations to recoup their losses by providing a supporting role rather than competing against NERV for limited resources. It uses the Fusion Reactor intended for Jet Alone II production model, extremely thick Evangelion-grade armor, Modules, and a mix of powerful weapons. Unlike the Evas, which cause painful feedback to the pilot, the Land Dreadnought can 'tank' damage to an astonishing degree for something that doesn't have to blatantly mess with physics just to exist.


Magnos Tancred has several hard-mounted weapon systems, and can use different weapon modules to suit the situation.

(Left Torso) Hardmount Positron Cannon - identical to the Evangelion Positron Rifle in range and effect. It draws power from a larger capacitor and the Fusion Reactor, and thus has a slightly higher rate of fire.
(Right Torso) Hardmount 150mm Cannon - a utility weapon, this Autocannon is intended against targets that most other weapons carried by the Land Dreadnought would be sheer overkill. It can also accomodate larger cannons, such as 240mm Howitzer.
(Left and Right Shoulders) Hardmount Heavy Flamer or Basilisk Gel/Vyvern Acid Dispenser - these are intended to disrupt the regeneration ability of enemy Angels (or Evas) once damaged.

Its primary weapons are usually held in specialized modular boxes into its shoulder mounts. These Heavy Weapons usually achieve greater stability and accuracy even while firing on the move, as compared to Evangelions who have to carry their weapons in their hands.

Trident Assault Bolter - a cut-down version of the Eva Great Bolter, with six rotating barrels, it has an impressive rate of fire sufficient to overwhelm almost any enemy or feature of terrain in its path.
Trident Assault Cannon - similar in appearance to the Assault Bolter, but fire solid slugs instead.
Trident Paired Positron Cannon - comparable in powerto Ayanami and Unit Zero's Dual Heavy Positron Cannon, but again at slightly reduced effective range for improved firing rate.
Trident Missile Rack - it contains missiles which may range from high explosive, or tandem shaped charge, and up to six small tactical N2 warheads. Typically, it carries 18 missiles, or three full salvos.

The Trident Land Dreadnaught's arms use both myomer and hydraulic technology for great strengh and power, more than Evangelions' muscle-based mechanisms. Its Armatures provide close-in attacking power. Since Magnos Tancred does not feel pain, it can typically bring a lot of hurt into the enemy while shrugging off its own attacks with its extremely thick armor.

Trident Crush Arm - this arm ends in three triangular grip slats that may be used for blunt-force trauma or crushing things within its grip.
Trident Punch Arm - this arm ends with the typical five fingers and a thumb, though there are twin punch daggers built into the bracer.
Trident Drill Arm - there are two types of Drill Arms, the conical piercing drill bit and the muiltiple bit drill bore.


Like the Evangelions Titan Modules, the Trident Land Dreadnought can also use Modules to improve its capabilities.

Magnos Tracker - these are modules that attach to Magnos Tancred's feet, like strange shoes with tank treads for soles, that allow it to move quickly over highways, pavement and other reasonable flat terrain without ripping up the ground with every step.
Magnos Booster - these are high-output Jet Packs to give the Land Dreadnought quick bursts of speed, not quite enough to fly but sufficient to defy gravity for a while. It is best used in combination with the Drill Arm for a Magnos Tancred Rocket Drill Punch.